Conference Information

Indigenous Languages and Cultures of Latin America Symposium
October 25-28, 2018


The Symposium will open with a reception for all participants the evening of Thursday, October 25, and meet for three days (Friday-Sunday) at The Ohio State University's Columbus campus. We expect the participation of over 100 panelists and speakers from all over the country and Latin America. The Symposium will offer a dynamic, multi-­‐format event that will include keynote presentations, panels, round tables, interactive workshops, demonstration classes, poster sessions, cultural/musical performances, indigenous film sessions and technological tool showcases. The Symposium will involve faculty and graduate students from many different departments, including, but not limited to: SPPO, Linguistics, History, Musicology, Anthropology, Geography, and Folklore Studies.

Thematic tracks

  • Ethnography of Indigenous Languages and Cultures: intellectual, political, and cultural roles of indigenous communities in Latin America; sociocultural practices and knowledge;
  • Indigenous Literature and Culture: cultures and identities;
  • Film, Performance, and Representation of and by indigenous populations;
  • Indigenous Peoples and the State: politics and gender; indigenous social movements; political mobilization for democracy, human rights, and alternative epistemologies; indigenous women’s movements;
  • Language Pedagogy: use of media and technology; distance-learning courses; best practices, methodologies, and strategies; assessment and evaluation
  • Linguistics and Socio-linguistics: language attitudes and ideologies; language contact and hybridity; dialectology and standardization; ideologies of monolingualism, bilingualism, and multilingualism;
  • Indigenous Language Revitalization and Documentation: indigenous languages as first, second, third, foreign, and global languages; indigenous languages as Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs); language policy and planning; indigenous language databases and digital archives;
  • Latin American Indigenous Heritage in the U.S. and the World: impact of migration/relocation; heritage languages

Additional Formats

  • Musical/Dance Performances 
  • Film Screening
  • Outcomes Session
  • Simultaneous Sessions
  • Cooking Classes
  • Workshops 
  • Panels

Invited speakers

More information about invited speakers will be released as soon as it's available.