Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Associate Professor | Clinical Nursing

Elizabeth Fitzgerald is an Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing. Her recent publications include “Nurses Need Not Be Guilty Bystanders: Caring for Vulnerable Immigrant Populations”, The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing (2016); “Anguish, Yearning, and Identity:  Towards a better understanding of the Latina pregnant woman’s prenatal experience”, Journal of Transcultural Nursing (2016); “Association of physical activity and sedentary behavior with biological markers among U.S. pregnant women”, Journal of Women’s Health (2013); “Evidence-Based Tobacco-Cessation Strategies with Pregnant Latina Women”, Nursing Clinics of North America (2012).

Dr. Fitzgerald is a recipient of the 2016 Ohio Nurse of the Year Award. She has also led education abroad trips to Nicaragua (2015), Honduras (2015), Quito, Ecuador (2014), and Italy (2011).

Areas of Expertise
  • Cultural competence
  • Health disparities and mental health
  • Migration
  • Ed.D., University of Louisville (1990)
  • M.Ed., University of Louisville (1983)
  • M.S., The Ohio State University (1980)
  • B.S.N., University of Kentucky (1977)

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