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A Global University

The Ohio State University is committed to becoming a preeminent global university—one that prepares its students and faculty to actively participate in knowledge-based collaborations around the world. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, universities across the nation are embracing the value of integrating international dimensions across their campuses, pursuing partnerships around the world, and exploring opportunities across the globe. As Ohio State strives to enhance its international presence, it is committed to preparing its students to excel in the global marketplace, pursue partnerships around the world, and collaborate on the solution of local and global issues based on Ohio State's expertise.

The university plans to expand its global reach by:

  • Continuing to develop international experiences for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students
  • Promoting scholarship on major global issues
  • Increasing the percentage of international faculty and students
  • Creating international dual degree programs
  • Developing an international physical presence
  • Promoting collaboration with Ohio's international business ventures

As part of Ohio State's international strategy, the Office of International Affairs is responsible for cultivating and nurturing the growth of global perspectives at Ohio State.


The Ohio State University believes that a global university is one in which international experiences and perspectives are fully integrated into its teaching, research and engagement mission, and that if universities are to prosper, they must be global in orientation, reach and reputation. To enhance the university’s rich history of global engagement and build upon the university’s international successes, Ohio State launched an ‘International Strategic Plan 2020-2025’ that was presented to the President and Provost for approval on June 30, 2020.

For more information and to offer your thoughts, please visit: https://oaa.osu.edu/international-strategic-planning#Offer-your-thoughts

Area Studies Centers advance knowledge and awareness of international cultures and world regions. The centers work with departments to identify programmatic needs; sponsor a wide range of academic activities, including lectures, symposia, conferences, and library resources; and conduct outreach activities for P-12 students and teachers. Some of the Area Studies Centers are funded through the U.S. Department of Education's Title VI National Resource Center (NRC) and/or Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships. Ohio State has five Area Studies Centers, three with Title VI funding through NRC† and/or FLAS*:

The Center for Latin American Studies offers a variety of funding opportunities for faculty, students, and external scholars. Please visit https://clas.osu.edu/funding for more information.

The Office of International Affairs also supports and administers grants for faculty research on international themes and scholarships for students to study abroad either as part of a group or independently, or to conduct research or pursue internships in other parts of the world. These grant programs serve to promote international educational opportunities that will have a lasting impact on increasing global awareness and understanding. Please visit https://oia.osu.edu/grants-and-scholarships.html for more information.

Engaging P-12 teachers and students in learning more about international cultures plays a vital role in broadening global perspectives. Outreach programming that focuses on language, culture, and interactive themes are tailor-made to teach a wide variety of audiences about life in another country. A host of global education resources is available for teachers, including in-service workshops, study abroad opportunities to experience the language and culture firsthand, video loan libraries, and exhibits that can be used in the classroom.