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Classroom Visits

The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) has offerred a number of workshops and programs to schools in and around Columbus.  A selection of these are presented below.  Please contact Mark Hoff (hoff.96@osu.edu), Assistant Director of CLAS, if you are interested in hosting a workshop or program in your classroom!

MÁS ALLÁ Classroom Workshops

Teachers and students playing Andean instruments in a group photo

The Music and Spanish in the Andes Language Learning Academy (MÁS ALLÁ) has offerred interactive workshops in high school Spanish classrooms since 2017.  These workshops offer high school students with an immersive experience in Andean music, language, and other cultural themes.  Students are invited to pick up an Andea instrument and participate in the creation of Andean music while having discussion about the ways that cultural perspectives and history are reflected in songs and instruments.  These workshops have also integrated the teaching of pronunciation through music.  Past workshops have focused on:

  • La Paloma, Nueva Canción and indigenous music as political resistance
  • ¡Ay Mayoral!, Afroperuvian music and how history shaped and made the cajón
  • Chaska Ñawi, Andean Music and the Quechua language:  Exploring the contact between Europe and America

Brazil Cultural Exchange

Raphael Palermo facilitates a video conference between students in the U.S. and Brazil

In 2019, the Center for Latin American Studies successfully piloted a "Brazilian Cultural Exchange Activity," a four-week partnership between the Prudente de Morais bilingual school (Indaiatuba, Sao Paulo) and East Columbus Elementary School (Columbus, Ohio). The virtual exchange program provided more than 40 elementary-aged students the opporunity to learn more about food and water consumption, all the while engaging in cross-cultural discussions. Click here to read the announcement of the pilot program.