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Director, Faculty

Professor, Hispanic Linguistics | Director, Center for Latin American Studies
274 Hagerty Hall


Elvia  Andía Grágeda
Lecturer | Quechua
266 Hagerty Hall
Frederick Aldama
Professor | English
Hale Hall
Juan Alfonzo
Professor | Microbiology
218 Aronoff
Valente Alvarez
Professor | Food Science and Technology
140 Howlett Hall
Stephanie Aubry
298 Hagerty Hall,
Anna Babel
Assistant Professor | Hispanic Linguistics
234 Hagerty Hall
Christine Ballengee-Morris
Professor | Arts Administration, Education and Policy; Director | American Indian Studies
231G Sullivant Hall
Isis Barra Costa
Assistant Professor | Spanish and Portuguese
263 Hagerty Hall
Assistant professor, Phytobacteriology
Selby Hall 214
Assistant Professor | Environmental and Natural Resources Policy
316B Kottman Hall
Michael Bevis
Professor | Earth Sciences
275 Mendenhall Lab
Stanley Blake
Associate Professor | History
460H Galvin Hall
Enrico  Bonello
Professor, Molecular and Chemical Ecology of Trees. Plant Pathology Grad Studies Chair
483C Kottman Hall
Katherine Borland
Associate Professor | Comparative Studies; Director | Center for Folklore Studies
433 Hagerty Hall
Rachel Bowen
Associate Professor | Political Science
Ovalwood 249
Sarah Brooks
Associate Professor | Political Science
2052 Derby Hall
Jonathan  Burgoyne
Associate Professor | Iberian Literature and Cultures
228 Hagerty Hall,
Rebeka Campos - Astorkiza
Associate Professor | Hispanic Linguistics
154C Hagerty Hall,
Luis Canas
Associate Professor, Chair Graduate Studies Committee | Department of Entomology
105 Thorne
Anne Carey
Professor | Earth Sciences
325 Mendenhall Laboratory
Leonardo Carrizo
Journalism 233E
Jose Castro
Professor | Industrial and Systems Engineering
222 Baker Systems Engineering,
Jeffrey Cohen
Professor | Anthropology
4022 Smith Laboratory
Associate Professor | Geography
1156 Derby Hall
Assistant Professor, City and Regional Planning Section
291 Knowlton Hall
Ignacio Corona
Associate Professor | Literatures and Cultures of Latin America
254 Hagerty Hall
Assistant Professor
718 Fisher Hall
Ozeas Costa
Associate Professor
Professor- Music Education
106G Hughes Hall
Lucia Costigan
Professor | Spanish and Portuguese
246 Hagerty Hall
Douglas  Crews
Professor | Department of Anthropology
4004 Smith Laboratory
Associate Professor | Education
470-E Galvin Hall
Elizabeth Davis
Associate Professor | Iberian Studies
252 Hagerty Hall,
Ana Del Sarto
Associate Professor | Literatures and Cultures of Latin America
247 Hagerty Hall
Theresa Delgadillo
Associate Professor | Comparative Studies
225 Hagerty Hall
Jessica Delgado
Associate Professor
CLAS Visiting Scholar
Andrea I.  Doseff
Associate Professor | Medicine and Molecular Genetics
305B Davis Heart & Lung Inst.,
Simone Drake
Professor | African and African American Studies
486F University Hall
Alcira Dueñas
Associate Professor | History
244 Reese Hall
Jennifer Eaglin
Assistant Professor | Environmental History and Sustainability
146 Dulles Hall
Theresa Early
Doctoral Program Director and Associate Professor | Social Work
325F Stillman Hall
Patricia Enciso
Professor, Vice Chair | Education Teaching and Learning Administration
244 Arps Hall
Assistant Professor
Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros
Librarian | Latin American Studies
305H Thompson Library
Nancy Ettlinger
Professor | Geography
1144 Derby Hall
Marcia Farr
Professor Emerita | Language, Literacy, and Culture
216A Ramseyer Hall
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Associate Professor | Clinical Nursing
356 Newton Hall
Associate Professor
245D Sullivant Hall
 Joan  Flores-Villalobos
Assistant Professor
169 Dulles Hall
Distinguished Professor
Elena Foulis
Senior Lecturer | Spanish
276 Hagerty Hall
Reanne Frank
Associate Professor | Sociology
212 Townshend Hall
Sarah Gallo
Assistant Professor | Teaching and Learning
229B Ramseyer Hall
Assistant Professor
323 Plumb Hall
Monica Giusti
Associate Professor | Food Science & Technology
335 Parker Food Science and Technology Building
Professor Emeritus | AEDE
249 Agricultural Administration
John Grinstead
Associate Professor | Hispanic Linguistics
280 Hagerty Hall
Erich Grotewold
Professor | Molecular Genetics
232 Rightmire Hall
Rebecca Haidt
Professor | Iberian Studies
256 Hagerty Hall,
Byron Hamann
Assistant Professor | History of Art
310B Pomerene Hall
David Hedgecoth
Assistant Professor | Music Education
204B Hughes
Ulrich Heinz
Distinguished University Professor
Physics Research Building, M2046
Stephen Hills
Professor Emeritus | Management and Human Resources
226 Mason Hall,
Professor | Kinesiology
A254 PAES Building 
Director | Veterinary Public Health Program
A188 Sisson Hall
Mark Hubbe
Associate Professor | Anthropology
4048 Smith Laboratory
J.T. Parker Endowed Chair in Dairy Foods
329 Parker Food Science and Technology Building
Lindsay Jones
Professor | Comparative Studies
475 Hagerty Hall
Nick Kawa
Assistant Professor | Anthropology
4030 Smith Laboratory
Dawn Kitchen
Hans Klompen
Professor | Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
1380 Museum of Biological Diversity
Marcus Kurtz
Professor | Political Science
215A Mershon Center,
Jerry Ladman
Professor Emeritus | Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics
113 Agricultural Admin Building
Rattan Lal
Professor | Soil Science
422B Kottman Hall,
Jesús Lara
Associate Professor | City and Regional Planning
291 Knowlton Hall,
Clark Larsen
Professor | Social and Behavioral Sciences
053 Journalism Building
Guisela LaTorre
Associate Professor | Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
286 University Hall
Associate Professor of Practice
296 Knowlton Hall
Assistant Professor | Public Affairs
350K Page Hall
Linda Lobao
Professor | Rural Sociology
320D Kottman Hall
William Berry Lyons
Professor | Earth Sciences
267 and 275D Mendenhall Laboratory
Kenneth Madsen
Associate Professor | Geography
182 LeFevre Hall
Mona Makhija
Professor | Management & Human Resources
724 Fisher Hall.
Bryan Mark
Associate Professor | Geography
1136 Derby Hall
Jay Martin
Associate Professor | FABE
232 Agricultural Engineering
Glenn Martinez
Professor of Hispanic Linguistics, Director of CLLC
298G Hagerty Hall,
Miranda Martinez
Associate Professor | Comparative Studies
432 Hagerty Hall
Paloma  Martinez-Cruz
Assistant Professor | Latino/a Cultural and Literary Studies
283 Hagerty Hall
Fernando Martinez-Gil
Associate Professor | Hispanic Linguistics
250 Hagerty Hall
Kendra McSweeney
Associate Professor | Geography
1164 Derby Hall
Kristin Mercer
Assistant Professor | Horticulture and Crop Science
310D Kottman Hall
Mario Miranda
Professor | AEDECON
222 Agricultural Administration Building
Alvaro Montenegro
Assistant Professor | Geography
1178 Derby Hall
Senior Lecturer
297 Knowlton Hall
Former Director, Center for Latin American Studies | Professor | Hispanic Linguistics
260 Hagerty Hall
Ellen Mosley-Thompson
Distinguished University Professor | Geography; Director | Byrd Polar Research Center
1140 Derby Hall
Holly J. Nibert
Associate Professor | Hispanic Linguistics, Director | Spanish and Portuguese Language Programs
240 Hagerty Hall
Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for Community Leadership
200G Agricultural Administration
Assistant Professor, College of Medicine
Dorothy Noyes
Professor | English and Comparative Studies
104A Mershon Center
Associate Professor | Educational Studies
310F Ramseyer Hall
Herbert Ockerman
Professor | Animal Sciences
230A Plumb Hall
Jose Javier Otero
Assistant Professor | Pathology
4171 Graves Hall
Geoffrey Parker
Andreas Dorpalen Professor of History
173 Dulles Hall,
Claudio Pasian
Associate Professor | Horticulture and Crop Science
249B Howlett Hall
Ashley Perez
Assistant Professor | Comparative Studies
225 Hagerty Hall
Peter Piermarini
Assistant Professor | Department of Entomology
224 Thorne
Barbara Piperata
Associate Professor | Anthropology
4054 Smith Laboratory,
Laura Podalsky
Professor | Latin American Literature and Cultures
262 Hagerty Hall
Stephanie Porrata
Visiting Librarian
Thompson Library 321A
Franklin Proaño
Professor | Comparative Studies
Morrill Hall
Ana Puga
Associate Professor | Latin American Literatures and Cultures ; Theatre
1110 Drake Center
Cathy Rakowski
Associate Professor | SENR; Rural Sociology
414C Kottman Hall,
Antonio Ramirez
Professor | Material Science and Engineering
1248 Arthur E. Adams Drive
Dean & Director, The Ohio State University- Lima
208A Public Service Building
Ileana Rodriguez
University Distinguished Professor | Latin American Literatures and Cultures
244 Hagerty Hall
Luis Rodriguez-Saona
Associate Professor | Food Science & Technology
325 Parker Food Science & Technology Building
Eugenia Romero
Associate Professor | Iberian Studies
261 Hagerty Hall
Associate Professor | Language Education Studies
346A Arps Hall
Pedro Schacht Pereira
Associate Professor | Portuguese and Iberian Studies
231 Hagerty Hall
Sara Schatz
Associate Professor | International Studies
Kammi Schmeer
Associate Professor
162 Townshend Hall
Eric Seiber
Associate Professor; Director of the Center for HOPES
383 Cunz Hall
Peter Shane
Jacob E. Davis and Jacob E. Davis II Chair in Law
Moritz College of Law
Andersons Chair of Agricultural Marketing, Trade, and Policy
221 Ag Admin Building
Portuguese Lecturer
266 Hagerty Hall
Stephanie Smith
Associate Professor | History
340 Dulles Hall
Douglas Southgate
Professor | AEDE and SENR
329 Agricultural Admin Building
Tod  Stuessy
Professor Emeritus
Herbarium, 1350P Museum of Biological Diversity
Mazeika Sullivan
Assistant Professor | SENR
465A Kottman Hall
Clarissa Surek-Clark
298 Hagerty Hall
Judith Tonhauser
Associate Professor | Linguistics
222 Oxley Hall
Abril Trigo
Distinguished University Professor | Latin American Literature and Cultures
242 Hagerty Hall,
Fernando Unzueta
Associate Professor | Latin American Literature and Cultures
258 Hagerty Hall
Kareem Usher
Assistant Professor, City and Regional Planning Section
292 Knowlton Hall
Inés Valdez
Assistant Professor | Political Science
2186B Derby Hall,
Dionisio Viscarri
Associate Professor | Iberian Studies
L116A Founders Hall
Lisa Voigt
Professor | Spanish and Portuguese
232 Hagerty Hall
Joel Wainwright
Associate Professor | Geography
1189 Derby Hall
Associate Professor, Biomedical Education & Anatomy
056 Meiling Hall
Jill Welch
Senior Lecturer | Spanish
276 Hagerty Hall
Michelle  Wibbelsman
Associate Professor | Latin American Indigenous Cultures
281 Hagerty Hall
Roger Williams
Faculty Emeritus | Entomology
104 Thorne
Donald Winford
Professor | Linguistics
025 Oxley Hall
Ulises Juan Zevallos-Aguilar
Professor, Literatures and Cultures of Latin America
264 Hagerty Hall
Chairman, Professor | Marketing & Logistics
200 Fisher Hall
Ana Claudia Zubieta
Program Director | SNAP-Ed
315 Campbell Hall
Norah Zuniga-Shaw
Associate Professor | Director of Dance and Technology
331-B Sullivant Hall


Fiscal and Program Associate
140 Enarson Classroom Building
Assistant Director, Center for Latin American Studies
Student Administrative Assistant
Outreach Coordinator
140 Enarson Classroom Building
Yolanda Zepeda
Assistant Provost | Office of Diversity and Inclusion


Emelie Bailey
Graduate Student
1145 Derby Hall
Olivia Cosentino
Graduate Student
269 Hagerty Hall
Elena Costello
Graduate Teaching Associate
236 Hagerty Hall
Ryder Cunningham
Graduate Teaching Associate
286 Hagerty Hall
Ashlee Dauphinais Civitello
Graduate Teaching Associate
235 Hagerty Hall
Kendra Dickinson
Graduate Teaching Associate
286 Hagerty Hall
Graduate Student, FLAS Fellow, Tinker Fellow
Ana Carolina dos Santos Marques
Graduate Teaching Associate
272 Hagerty Hall
Tania Espinales Correa
Graduate Student & Teaching Associate
269 Hagerty Hall
Clara Carolyne Fachini Zanirato
Graduate Teaching Associate
288 Hagerty Hall
Marla  Goins
Graduate Student
337K University Hall,
Santiago Gualapuro
Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant/ Tinker Fellow
286 Hagerty Hall
Graduate Student/ Tinker Fellow
Lowell Howard
Graduate Student
227 Mason Hall,
Lindsey Ibañez
PhD Student
238 Townshend Hall
ESGP Graduate Student/ Tinker Fellow
Graduate Teaching Associate
278 Hagerty Hall
Fernando Lima e Morato
Graduate Teaching Associate
272 Hagerty Hall
Cesar Lopes Gemelli
Graduate Teaching Associate
286 Hagerty Hall
Nash Middleton
Graduate Student
288 Hagerty Hall
ENR Graduate Student/ Tinker Fellow
Lumarie Perez-Guzman
Graduate Student
Paloma Pinillos Chávez
Graduate Teaching Associate
286 Hagerty Hall
Justin Pinta
Graduate Student & Tinker Fellow
286 Hagerty Hall
Estelí Puente Beccar
Graduate Teaching Associate
286 Hagerty Hall
Caroline  Shipley
Graduate Teaching Associate
269 Hagerty Hall
Graduate Student (Ph.D)/ Tinker Fellow
Julianne Stamer
Graduate Student and FLAS Fellow
Law Student, FLAS Fellow
Leila Vieira
Graduate Student
286 Hagerty Hall
Malia Lee Womack
Graduate Student