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Enrico Bonello

Enrico  Bonello

Enrico Bonello

Professor | Department of Plant Pathology | College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences


(614) 688-5401

483C Kottman Hall

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Areas of Expertise

  • Plant Pathology
  • Ecology


  • PhD, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • MSc, University of Padova, Italy

His primary research interest is in the ecological role of tree pathogens.  A specific aspect being investigated is the chemical ecology of tree/fungal pathogen/insect interactions, with particular attention to effects of fungal pathogens on systemic induced resistance (SIR) against pathogens and insects, and cross-induction effects between fungal pathogens and insects mediated by the host tree.

A second focus of his research is on the relationships between soil fertility, carbon allocation, resource partitioning, and mycorrhizal community structure, and between growth and defense against both pathogens and insects.

A third area of interest is the ecological role and intimate relationships with the host of invasive organisms, particularly Phytophthora ramorum (causal agent of sudden oak death) and the emerald ash borer (a destructive wood boring insect pest).

Besides his role as a faculty in Plant Pathology, he is a member of the interdisciplinary graduate program in Environmental Science (esgp.osu.edu)

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