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The Ohio State University's graduate and professional programs offer numerous opportunities to study Latin America. In 2011, the Center for Latin American Studies created the interdisciplinary M.A. in Latin American Studies program, designed to prepare students who desire to continue their studies in international relations and diplomacy, economic development and globalization, languages and literatures, history and anthropology, business and economics, to acquire a broader knowledge of Latin America or concentrated training in specific disciplines and/or topics regarding Latin America. 

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese (SPPO) continues a long and distinguished tradition that makes it one of the premier comprehensive graduate programs in the country. SPPO offers Integrated M.A./Ph.D. programs in:

Many additional Ohio State graduate and professional programs, including some of the top-ranked in the country (linguistics, law, public affairs, political science, art history, history, geography, anthropology), have trained dozens of PhDs specializing in Latin America. 

Undergraduate students wishing to seek deeper understanding of Latin America can do so through a variety of academic programs in the humanities (Spanish and Portuguese, history, history of art, comparative studies, linguistics), the social sciences (economics, geography, international studies, political science), and others. The Undergraduate International Studies Program (UISP) offers a major, minor, and a certificate in Latin American Studies. The Latin American Studies programs can also be combined for a double major with one of UISP's four thematic tracks (security and intelligence, international relations, world economics and business, development studies) or the BA in Globalization.