Changing Environments


Environments are changing throughout Latin America, and our Working Group aims to promote understanding and awareness of the many biophysical and social dimensions of these changes. Our membership is diverse, with faculty and graduate students from four departments in three different colleges. With this new thematic title, we hope to focus attention on not only the causes, magnitude and consequences of climate-environmental change, but also how people are exposed to these changes and respond to them.

We value education outreach opportunities, involvement with local Latino communities in Columbus, and hope to leverage broader campus involvement through our various departments and other entities. We are also motivated to explore collaborative research and teaching opportunities, and anticipate holding informal cross-college brown-bag discussions to share ideas.

Working Group Members

  • Bryan Mark (chair) – Associate Professor, Geography
  • Anne Carey – Professor, Earth Sciences
  • Jeff La Frenierre – Graduate Student, Geography
  • (William) Berry Lyons – Professor, Earth Sciences
  • Brandon McAdams – Graduate Student, Earth Sciences
  • Kendra McSweeney – Associate Professor, Geography
  • Kristin Mercer – Assistant Professor, Horticulture and Crop Science
  • Cathy Rakowski – Associate Professor, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Rural Sociology
  • Amanda Rodewald – Professor, Environmental and Natural Resources
  • Joel Wainwright – Assistant Professor, Geography