OIA Area Studies Center Conference Grants: Request for Proposals



The Ohio State University Area Studies Centers (Center for African StudiesCenter for Latin American StudiesCenter for Slavic and East European StudiesEast Asian Studies Center, and Middle East Studies Center), housed in the Office of International Affairs, promote area studies and internationalization of higher education on campus and beyond. To further develop and enhance area studies research and dialogue at OSU, this OIA Area Studies Center Conference Grant competition seeks proposals focusing on the study of global issues from interdisciplinary, multi-regional perspectives.
Funding will support a conference or a series of lectures that bring together area studies experts. To be eligible, the project must significantly address the regions of each Center contributing funding to this grant program. Accordingly, a minimum of 25% of the project should focus on Latin America, Russia/Eastern Europe, and East Asia respectively, for a minimum total of 75% of the content on these regions.
Examples of possible topics include:
  • Translation as a political act
  • Language, identity, and culture
  • Race, gender, and technology in science fiction
  • Memory and borders: Examining nationalism and identity through material culture
  • Change in global politics
  • Decolonizing indigenous spaces in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and East Asia
  • Heritage language teaching and language documentation
  • Innovation and sustainability in urban transportation


It is expected that the conference or lectures will take place at OSU, which will foster area studies research at OSU, between August 15, 2019 and December 31, 2020. It is also expected that through the conference or lectures, a team of researchers will work together towards a larger and substantial collaboration in subsequent years.

Examples of measurable outcomes include: 

  • Publications
  • External grants
  • Academic course development
  • Instructional material development
  • Digital resources or modules
  • Study abroad program creation
  • Outreach program creation


The funding period is from August 15, 2019 to December 31, 2020. Awards of up to $15,000 will be made, and processed as a reimbursement after approved incurred expenses.


The project must be developed and implemented by current Ohio State faculty or staff with PI status. A project leader will serve as the point of contact for communication with the Area Studies Center Conference Grant program team members during the grant program process.

Proposal Preparation

Brief pre-proposals are to be submitted online by January 15, 2019. The pre-proposal will outline the research ideas and scope. All submitted proposals will be reviewed by the Area Studies Center Grant Review Committee.

Request for proposals [pdf]

Apply online now

Logistical Support and Fiscal Processing

Area Studies Centers are unable to provide logistical support for the funded event(s). To manage such tasks, applicants should coordinate with others organizing the program and/or staff in their home departments on all aspects related to planning the event and the processing of expenditures. After the program has concluded, Area Studies Centers fiscal staff will work with the applicant's designated fiscal coordinator on the transfer of eligible expenses up to the amount pledged. Brief guidelines regarding the usage of funding are as follows:

Allowable expenses:

  • Domestic airfare for speakers (faculty, staff of other institutions; not students)
  • Ground transportation (faculty, staff of other institutions; not students)
  • Accommodations (faculty, staff of other institutions; not students)
  • Conference venue (i.e. room rental, A/V rental fees, etc.)
  • Publicity (i.e. advertising of conference, poster printing, program publication, etc.)
  • Honoraria (i.e. keynote speaker fees)

Unallowable expenses:

  • International airfare of any kind
  • Student travel of any kind (airfare, ground transportation, accommodations, etc.)
  • Food or beverage of any kind (meals, catering, etc.)


November 15, 2018:   Grant competition announcement
January 15, 2019:        Pre-proposals due
January 30, 2019:       Invitations sent for full proposal submission
March 30, 2019:          Full proposals due
April 30, 2019:             Final notification


Applicants may contact Amy Carey, senior assistant director of the East Asian Studies Center, with any questions, by email at carey.189@osu.edu or by phone at 614-688-4253.


This program is supported by U.S. Department of Education Title VI grants for The Ohio State University’s Center for Latin American Studies, Center for Slavic and East European Studies, and East Asian Studies Center. All conference grant recipients are required to acknowledge these centers and the U.S. Department of Education Title VI support in their online and print publicity. Specifically, the title of the event must include "Area Studies Conference on ..."