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CLAS Faculty Research & Programming grants fund projects on Latin America and the Caribbean proposed by CLAS-affiliated faculty at The Ohio State University. Funds will support programming that enhances disciplinary expertise in the region, promotes interdisciplinary faculty engagement and research, and enriches Latin American knowledge and expertise on campus.  The purpose is to permit faculty affiliates to apply directly to the CLAS director for funding on a rolling basis. 


To be eligible, applicants must be an affiliated full-time faculty member or instructor of the Center for Latin American Studies at The Ohio State University, with a demonstrated research/scholarly interest in Latin America.

Funding Amounts

Requests between $100 - $2,000 will be considered for individual requests. Collaborative requests (featuring at least two CLAS-affiliated faculty with different disciplines/departments) of up to $4,000 will be considered. 

Funding Priorities

Funding is designated for: (1) the provision of limited funds required for smaller projects or projects of short duration; (2) the provision of “seed money” for larger projects; and (3) research that will result in the development of Latin American/Caribbean courses. Within the broad scope of these purposes, priority for funding is as follows:

  • New faculty (first two years)
  • Junior faculty (pre-tenure, with special emphasis on faculty with junior research leaves)
  • Faculty from the humanities or disciplines in which external funding is less abundant
  • Senior faculty starting new projects/changing research foci
  • Senior faculty requiring start-up funds for research projects that have a high probability of being funded externally in the future
  • Proposals that include two faculty collaborators from different departments

Distribution of Funds

If the grant is awarded, the funds will be managed directly through CLAS, or (if necessary) transferred to the relevant department on a reimbursement basis only. Upon completion of the program, faculty must submit a report to CLAS and a brief (two- to four- page) written report explaining the impact of the funds. 

Utilization of Funds

Funds may be used for:

  • Individual Research Expenses (seed funding for larger projects, data collection/analysis, publication costs)
  • Scholarly Visits/Lecture Series (bringing speakers to campus, organizing lecture series)
  • Special symposia, conferences (major, one-time events related to research or the region)
  • Course development/enhancement (field trips, visiting presenters, and other course enhancements that bring Latin American content into focus)
  • Working groups (to develop campus or public programming designed in partnership with other faculty colleagues)

Funds cannot cover:

  • Personnel costs
  • Food and drink
  • Student travel 
  • Faculty travel (please apply separately to Faculty Travel Grants)
  • Large equipment purchases (over $500)

This grant is sponsored in part by a U.S. Department of Education Title VI grant to The Ohio State University Center for Latin American Studies. As such, CLAS is especially interested in high-quality proposals with immediate and enduring impacts on respective campus and local communities.

Application Requirements

Please complete and submit the application online. A completed grant application includes the application form, brief description of the project, and itemized budget.  The Center for Latin American Studies accepts grant applications on a rolling basis. 

  1. Application Form
  2. Description of the Project - how the project/research contributes to Latin American Studies at Ohio State and the significance/need for the funding; potential for future engagement/projects; alignment to university strategic research goals; do not exceed two pages.
  3. Itemized Budget (allocating how grant funds will be applied to proposed project costs). Applicants must also include relevant budget documentation that supports the budget request.

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