Tinker Foundation Field Research Grants

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**CLAS is not currently holding a Tinker Foundation Field Research Grant competition.**

Fellows with awarded funds have until December 2022 to use them. Contact CLAS Assistant Director Mark Hoff (hoff.96@osu.edu) to coordinate.



The Tinker Foundation, Incorporated

The Tinker Foundation, based in New York City, promotes the interchange of information within the community of those concerned with the affairs of Latin America. Emphasis is placed on those activities that have strong public policy implication, offer innovative solutions to the problems facing these regions today, and incorporate new mechanisms for addressing environmental, economic, and governance issues. Dr. Edward Larocque Tinker created the Tinker Foundation in 1959, and his lifelong devotion to the Iberian tradition in the Old and New Worlds gave definition to the Foundation’s overall purpose.

Tinker Foundation Field Research Grants

The Tinker Foundation’s Field Research Grants Program is designed to provide budding scholars with a first-hand experience of their region of study, regardless of academic discipline.  The grants provide graduate students with funds for travel to and within Latin America to conduct pre-dissertation research.  These awards allow students to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of language and culture, familiarize themselves with information sources relevant to their studies, conduct pilot studies and preliminary investigations, and develop contacts with scholars and institutions in their respective fields.

Eligibility & Guidelines

  • Tinker grants fund travel and research costs of master’s and doctoral candidates pursuing international field research toward their theses or dissertations;
  • Grants are awarded for brief periods of no more than four months of pre-dissertation research in Latin America (Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries);
  • Awards are open to all students across all academic disciplines and graduate degree programs;
  • Recipients must be graduate students at the master’s or early stages of doctoral level studies, including those pursuing professional degrees.
  • Preliminary research projects receive first consideration. Repeat awards are discouraged by the foundation, so students should consult with their advisors as to when in their degree programs to apply.

Application Instructions

  • Applications and supporting materials (application form, budget estimate, CV, advising report, and research proposal) will be submitted online through Qualtrics;
  • Before beginning an application, students should consult the relevant information sheet for specific information on eligibility requirements;
  • A PDF version of the application is available for preview and planning purposes only. Applicants must complete the application itself through Qualtrics;
  • Before completing the online application form, students should have all necessary information and supporting materials on hand and ready to upload. The online form should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and should be completed at one time;
  • A selection committee of faculty members recruited from a variety of disciplines in Latin American Studies will review the applications and grants will be awarded based on the committee’s ranking of the applicant pool;
  • The deadline to submit applications is TBD and applicants will be notified by TBD of the decision;
  • Applicants must ensure that travel will take place by TBD;

A complete application includes the following:

  • Completed online application form;
  • A budget estimate with relevant supporting materials;
  • A CV or Resume; 
  • Up-to-date OSU Advising Report of all courses taken and grades received;
  • One letter of recommendation from a faculty member familiar with your work. Referee letters must be emailed to CLAS Assistant Director Mark Hoff (hoff.96@osu.edu) by the application deadline;
  • A 3-5 page, double-spaced proposal describing your research, the relevance of your project to your professional development and your discipline-at-large, and anticipated outcomes from your travel abroad. Please specify any relevant background or experience you have had, contacts already made (people, institutions, groups) with whom you will be able to interact while abroad, and how you expect these contacts to help with your project.

Application Documents


  • Up to $3,000 of funding per applicant may be awarded;
  • CLAS will coordinate with the student's home department to set up a travel number and purchase flights directly. Remaining funds will be made available on a reimbursement basis after travel has been conducted. All receipts must be submitted to Mark Hoff (hoff.96@osu.edu) prior to the release of the reimbursement;
  • Following field visits, Tinker recipients must prepare a short abstract (maximum 200 words) and a five-page summary of their activities and evaluation of their experience; 
  • Recipients will also be required to participate in Tinker Talk events, hosted by the Center for Latin American Studies each semester to showcase outcomes of student research supported by the Tinker Grants;


  • Please contact Mark Hoff, CLAS Assistant Director, with any questions about the fellowship or application process, at hoff.96@osu.edu.

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Deadline to Apply: Monday, March 15, 2021 at 11:59 PM