¿Qué Pasa, Ohio State? Call for Submissions Spring 2019

January 14, 2019
Que Pasa OSU?
¿Qué Pasa, Ohio State?* supports the exchange of information and opportunities for dialogue among all students and faculty regarding Latinx issues across the disciplines. Published semiannually, ¿Qué Pasa, Ohio State? showcases the important work happening in the Latinx community at Ohio State in the form of research essays, event reports, creative works of poetry and fiction, recognition of the professional achievements of alumni, faculty and student profiles, and food reviews. For the spring 2019 issue, we would like to publish creative works of fiction and nonfiction. We are seeking memoirs, short stories, essays, poetry, artwork, etc. that express and discuss Latinx culture and heritage.
Please send submissions to the editor, Reyna Esquivel-King at esquivel-king.1@osu.edu or Yolanda Zepeda, director, at zepeda.3@osu.edu
The deadline is Jan. 31, 2019 at 5pm.
*¿Que Pasa, Ohio State? is supported by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of Academic Affairs at Ohio State University and operates under the auspices of the OSU Hispanic Oversight Committee.