CLAS Quechua Instructor featured in Bolivian news

January 29, 2018
Elvia Andia Grágeda

CLAS affiliated Quechua instructor, Elvia Andia Grágeda, has been featured in the Bolivian news site, La Razón, for her work with the Quechua program at Ohio State. Elvia Andía is a linguist specializing in the study and instruction of Bolivian Quechua and Spanish. She holds a Master’s degree in Linguistic Policy of Indigenous Languages in Higher Education, and investigates the role of Quechua in such policies, particularly in the Quechua Public Indigenous University in Bolivia. She has worked as the Departmental Coordinator in the Ministry of Education for the country of Bolivia in Intra- and Intercultural Multilingual Education. 

Elvia Andía works with the Quechua Language Program and Learning Community at Ohio State, which provides Quechua language courses in Columbus, as well as via videoconference to Indiana University, Oberlin College, and Purdue University. Her classes focus on Quechua language instruction; however, she also focuses on indigenous culture, which she often teaches with the help of indigenous recipes, weavings, and music. To learn more about her work and experiences with teaching Quechua, you can read the article, "La lengua de los incas se estudia en Estados Unidos" at La Razón's website.