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John Grinstead

John Grinstead

John Grinstead

Associate Professor | Department of Spanish and Portuguese | College of Arts and Sciences


(614) 292-8856

280 Hagerty Hall
1775 College Rd.,
Columbus, OH

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Areas of Expertise

  • Developmental Linguistics
  • Atypical Language Development
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Spanish Psycholinguistics
  • Child Language Development
  • Language Disorders


  • Ph.D., Applied Linguistics, UCLA (1998)
  • M.A., UCLA, Teaching English as a Second Language (1994)
  • B.A., UCLA, Linguistics and Spanish (1989)

John Grinstead is an Associate Professor of Hispanic Linguistics. His interests include psycholinguistics, child language development, language disorders, and second language acquisition. He conducts fieldwork in Mexico.

Dr. Grinstead's recent publications include “Language acquisition and cognitive science at the crossroads”, Probus, (2016); “Prototypical Tense-Aspect Alignment and the Tense Deficit in the Spontaneous Speech of Spanish-Speaking Children With SLI”, Probus, (2016); “Pronominal Case and Verbal Finiteness Contingencies in Child English”, Applied Psycholinguistics, (2014);“Evidence of Optional Infinitive Verbs in the Spontaneous Speech of Spanish-Speaking Children With SLI”, Lingua, (2014).

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